A few more quotes from BF

21 Apr

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin
He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.
Benjamin Franklin


Add in woman next to man and you’ve got a perfect quote!

21 Apr

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

― Benjamin Franklin

AP Test Calendars 2011

4 Apr


How do I study for math? Read on

4 Apr

Test Taking Tips for Math

You already have a lot of knowledge stored in your memory. The problem is pulling out the correct information when you need it. Picture your brain like a giant filing cabinet full of file folders and the hard part is remembering the headings on the file folders.

1 Know how to distinguish between the various types of problems. This is the hardest part.
2 Most math texts have chapter tests at the end of each chapter. Try one problem from each section. Make a note of their differences. Write down the first step to each problem — this is usually the hardest to remember.
3 Go back to the section in the text where you are having difficulty. Follow the examples making sure you understand each step. This takes time.
4 Reading a math book is not like reading a novel. It goes slowly. It may take you 20 minutes to go through one example problem.
5 Don’t leave preparing for a test to the last minute. Make sure you leave time to ask questions in class AFTER you have studied.
6 Do as many problems as you can until you feel comfortable with the material.
7 In the class session a day or so BEFORE the test, ask the teacher to please point out any major similarities or differences among the various types of problems you will encounter on the test.
8 Get the phone number of someone in your class who won’t mind if you call them with questions.
9 If possible, form a small study group with members from your class and meet periodically during the semester.
10 Math is a cumulative subject. You REALLY need to understand today’s material to understand the material the next day. Ask questions immediately in class as soon as you don’t understand anything. Don’t just “let it go”.

Did YOU know? No Guessing Penalties are FINALLY here for this year’s AP Exams!

14 Mar

“Beginning with the May 2011 AP Exam administration, total scores on the multiple-choice section will be based on the number of questions answered correctly. Points will no longer be deducted for incorrect answers and, as always, no points will be awarded for unanswered questions.”
-Kelly Fitzsimmons, of the College Board.

Get Excited!

How did Andrea Kay Tutoring start?

14 Mar

I was in final round interviews with two major companies here in the SF Bay Area. You’ve probably heard of them. One of them is the number one search engine in the world and the other one just came out with the 2nd version of the Ipad. The latter had just given me the numbers in terms of comp and all that good stuff and I was really excited. I called a a very wise woman (aka my Mom, a life-long music teacher and founder of Center for Lifelong Music Making http://www.LifelongMusicMaking.org [delete-http://www.lifelongmusicmaking.org/page/page/2239187.htm) ]
and after listening patiently while I rattled off all the “perks” of the job, she asked me “So, Andrea, what will you be DOING in this job?”
“What do you mean, Mom,” I responded. “I told you, I’d be an account manager for them!”
“Yes I understand that Andrea, but what will you actually be doing from 8am-6pm every day and why are you excited about doing that type of work?”
Well, as usual when my Mom asks questions like this, I started getting irritated. Didn’t she understand ANYTHING about the internet?!
“Well Mom, I’ll be doing things like, uhm, managing clients, and helping them and, well….” (I’ll spare you the rest….)
Basically I couldn’t tell her what I’d be doing, nor why I wanted to do it. All I could do is tell her was about how impressive the companies were, how much chance for advancement there’d be, how much travelling I’d be doing, etc.
The thing was, somehow she knew my heart wasn’t in it. What, was she reading my diary or something analogous? Come to think of it, I doubt I wrote anything in there about it, because even I didn’t realize how unfulfilled I was. Disclaimer-NO offense to anyone who works at these behemoths of Silicon Valley—to each her own!
So, after getting really honest with myself (never fun to start off with), I decided I wanted to teach. Problem was, it was November [delete of] 2007 and school was already in session. So, I took a job at the first tutoring place that hired me and well, I grew to love tutoring so much and was so successful in changing the kid’s lives I tutored (taking them from B students to A students or taking them from unmotivated D students to B students, getting them high SAT scores, teaching them how to study, how to read, how to deal with teachers etc), that I decided to make tutoring my full time job, and eventually run my own business . I can’t ever imagine doing anything else other than teaching, coaching, guiding and helping!!!

I Hate the SAT Video

14 Mar

First coupon of 2011

7 Mar

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Please no facebook when your kids are studying!

7 Mar

5 Mar

Hit the books

Book Lists for each middle school and high school coming soon!